We Introduce You Hidden Thing of Bali

Oom Suastyastu,


We realize that everyone has known Bali very well. Bali is so famous as international tourist destination. People recognize Bali also because its beautiful beaches, and its hospitality. Also, since lot of tourists come from their first time i 1960’s people around the world, Bali has been awarded by an impressive ┬átitle”The Island of God” or “The Island of Thousand Temples”. However, international tourist get not enough information about untold stories about Bali. They just know several places which has been popular since before such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, or even Ubud.

We have to know hidden things about Bali. Something that really untouchable, something that has not been discovered, something which has not been shown by common travel or trip agencies. Something which can educate people about what is the real life of Bali. An information about how Bali developed and how the people live under untold circumstances. An information which can be separated from the beginning history about Bali.

I believe that I have full responsibility to tell the world about the exact information about Bali. Why Bali need silence day to celebrate their new year. Why teeth of adult people in Bali should be cut. Why we have to push our vehicle’s ring when we pass big temple. Why Balinese people get the most quick acceleration in their lifestyle.

I have traveled into several beautiful cities around the world and I see that my hometown have their uniqueness. If you want to enjoy our trip in private, please call me at 081805395989 or email me in made.handijaya.dewantara@gmail.com


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